Hey everyone, a couple of things:


Second chance La Muerta tickets go on sale tonight at 7pm. There will be 100 tickets available for purchase here: https://lamuerta16.eventbrite.com

These second chance tickets will get you into the bottle share and entitle you to purchase 2 bottles of 2016 Regular and 2016 Tequila Barrel Aged for pickup through the following Saturday (pickup times below in the FAQ.

Those people who buy a second chance ticket will automatically be entered into a lottery to have their ticket upgraded to a regular ticket (which sold out last week). Allotments for the regular ticket will be 4 bottles regular, 2 bottles Raspberry, 2 bottles Tiramisu, 2 bottles Tequila Barrel Aged.




On the eve of Dia de La Muerta, we will have a cellar release at the pub! We’ve been stocking away cases of La Muerta since 2014, and even hae a few old cases we found, all for an event like this. We are teaming up with San Antonio Beer Zine for the Cellar Release at the 1604 Brewpub. We’ll have a couple of past year variants on draft and we will have the following bottles available:

2015 Regular
2015 EC12
2015 Coconut
2015 Vanilla

We will have a minimum of 48 bottles of each of the above available. Limit 1 bottle of each/person. Bottles will all be priced at $13. For each bottle you buy, you will also get a raffle ticket for the following (maximum 3 tickets per person, though you can buy more than 3 bottles):

2011 – 6 bottles
2010 – 1 bottle


Q: Do I need a ticket to attend the bottle share?
A: Yes, a ticket is required to get into the door before we open at 2pm. If you do not have a ticket, you will not be allowed in until we open at our normal 2pm time.

Q: Can I buy tickets for people coming with me, or do I need to buy one at a time?
A: You will be able to buy up to 4 tickets at once, but it will be one ticket per person on release day. The EventBrite PAGE will ask you to enter the names of the people attending. We will match this list against IDs on release days.

Q: Can I pick up my friends beers with his ticket?
A: No. We will be unable to verify if that ticket really belongs to someone else or if you just bought multiple tickets. No single person will be allowed to redeem more than one ticket.

Q: Are there any ticket fees I need to know about?
A: All fees are included in the price

Q: How do I get the Teku?
A: Select the $14 ticket that is ticket + Teku glass [NOTE: THESE ARE SOLD OUT!!!]

Q: I can’t make it on the 5th, but I really want this!
A: Your ticket will entitled you to your full allotment of bottles through the close of business the following Saturday, so if you can’t make it on the 5th but you buy a ticket, we will hold your bottles (and Teku if you buy one) and have them available during the normal S Presa business hours (Sunday noon-6p, Thursday 4-9p, Friday 4-9p and Saturday 2-9p). Additionally, we will be hosting an election night party on Tuesday the 8th, so you could pick up your bottles then as well from 4p-close.

Q: How many bottles can I buy?
A: If you have a regular ticket, you can buy up to 4 Regular, 2 Raspberry, 2 Tiramisu, and 2 Tequila Barrel. If you have a second chance ticket, you can buy 2 Regular and 2 Tequila Barrel.

Q: Will you have t-shirts?
A: Yes, and they will be awesome.

Q: What if I miss this completely?
A: Any unclaimed bottles at the end of the day on November 12 will be put in the available pool to sell.

Q: I’ve never been to a bottle share, how does it work?
A: Welcome! We’re pumped to be your first. Folks bring bottles of stuff (usually stuff that is harder to find) to share with each other. If you don’t have rare stuff, don’t worry. Bring something that is “rare” to you. Don’t worry if you don’t have the coolest beer to bring (But please don’t bring everyday beers that you can get at HEB at any time), everyone starts somewhere. Bring a small tasting glass, walk around, and make friends. Google “Bottle Share Etiquette” for more info

Q: Will there be food?
A: We will have a taco truck

Q: Can I bring my own food?
A: Absolutely

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