Our Story

OurStoryWay back yonder on the eve of 2006 a dude named Scott was on a ski trip with friends when he had an epiphany. Maybe it was the lack of oxygen at altitude, or maybe it was all the tasty local beer he had consumed, but he had determined to open a brewery restaurant in his hometown of San Antonio. A little under three years later, Freetail Brewing Co. took flight with a full serving of punk, a dash of ska, a pinch of funk and the random sprinkling of everything else.

Together with Chef Gary Butler and Head Brewer Jason Davis, we are committed to our Mission of “Bringing the Pursuit of Better Stuff” to fruition for our customers, employees and community in everything we do. Since the humble beginnings of our brewpub, we’ve built a brand spankin’ new production brewery and are distributing our beers throughout South Texas.

Our Start

We started out at our original brewpub on a used 15-barrel brew house held together by duct tape and determination. That original brewery is still kicking out fresh, innovate beers while our new, state of the art production brewery and tasting room on S Presa brews all of the beer we distribute. We don’t make the claim of being the hoppiest, funkiest, strongest or “anything-est” brewery… but we do pride ourselves on making great beer backed an open, honest and transparent business philosophy.

The Name

As Scott tells it, he recalls driving to high school one day as the radio announced the Texas Legislature had just proclaimed the Mexican Free-tailed Bat to be the Official Flying Mammal of Texas. No joke! As Scott researched more into what he first thought was just a quirky bit of trivia, he gained a newfound appreciation for our furry flying friends.

Did you know that Bracken Cave just north of San Antonio is home to the largest colony of free-tailed bats and one of the largest concentrations of mammals in the world? An estimated 30 million little guys call the San Antonio area home, gobbling up pesky insects and safeguarding our agriculture system. Just like their namesake brewery, free-tailed bats are tiny, but they have a huge impact on the community.

Meet Our Team

MeetTheTeam_StaffPhotoMeet the hard working folks who strive to bring you so much pleasure.

Meet Our Team

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