Mr. Metzger Goes to Austin – this photo was taken the day the Texas House passed the law making it legal for brewpubs to distribute in Texas

Austin, the wait is over. We have a little bit of history in this city. I used to spend way more time than I ever hoped to in one of your beautiful buildings. I even made quite a few friends there. Okay, I’ll admit it, I even kind of like it there. But I’m an unapologetic San Antonian, so let’s not make this weird.

Next week kicks off another major phase for our little brewery that could as we begin distribution to our state’s capital, and I mean that in both the political sense and in terms of beer. There is no question that Austin is the epicenter of Texas Craft Beer. It was breweries like Celis and Waterloo (both of which I’m honored to point out that our Chief Brewer, Jason Davis, plied his trade at in the 1990s). Since those first explorers of craft in Texas, brewers like Live Oak, NXNW, Independence, (512), Jester King, Austin Beerworks, the ABGB, and countless others (none of which I’ve intentionally omitted) have ensured that Austin is still considered the beating heart of the industry here in our state.

Austin, you are going to love us so much you preemptively erected a statue in our honor. Thanks!

For those reasons, I’m especially excited to be launching in Austin and to be poured with them side-by-side. I hope you’ll find our beers worthy of your attention and a spot in your normal drinking rotation. As we like to say around here, we make no claims at being the hoppiest, funkiest, dankest, extreme-est brewery… the only “-est” we make any claims to is that we’re honest. We aim to make solid, delicious, well-balanced beers while being transparent and open about our business philosophy and practices. That may not be very sexy, but it’s who we are.

Enough of waxing poetic, let’s get into the details of our launch.

On Tuesday, we will make our first delivery to Austin via Freetail Logistics Company (which doesn’t actually exist, this just my way of saying that Mario is going to be taking a van up there and self-distributing). We’ve spent the last few weeks visiting Austin and building up order for this first delivery. If you don’t see your favorite bar, restaurant or bottle shop on the list, have no fear, we’re going to continue to try building more accounts up there and we hope to eventually make two deliveries per week. If you are a retailer reading this and you want our beer and we haven’t already contacted you, feel free to shout at me on twitter at @beermonkey and I’ll make sure our intrepid sales rep Megan comes to visit you soon with samples.

Launch week events that hopefully you can make it out to:

Tuesday 8/25: Taco Tuesday at Hi Hat Public House with the awesome gals from Bitch Beer. The awesome folks at Hi Hat are throwing a handful of our beers on for your enjoyment including a keg of Pinata Protest from which Pinata-ladas (Micheladas, but obviously better). Event starts at 7:01pm and I will be there to personally deliver high-fives to whoever wants one.

Wednesday 8/26: Launch Party at another one of the founding institutions of the Austin beer scene: Draught House Pub & Brewery. We’ll have a cask of OktoberFiesta, a keg of Yo Soy Un Berliner and the first draft sneak peak of Despertado en Manzanilla, which will be officially released on Saturday 8/29 at #SMABRD.

Thursday 8/27: Pint Night at Wright Bros. Brew & Brew – details coming early next week

Friday 8/28: Pint Night at another Austin beer scene institution, the Whip In. For as long as I’ve been able to (legally) purchase alcohol, the Whip In has been one of my go-to spots for bottles. We are super pumped to be on the draft wall and in the coolers of one of the pillars of Austin beer.

Monday 9/14: Not technically a launch week event, but we are going to be part of an epic Beer Dinner at the Driskill hotel. Only a handful of tickets remain, so get yours now!

Here is a list of everywhere that will be getting deliveries of our beer on Tuesday.

Whichcraft Beer Store – 2110 S Lamar Blvd
MLK Food Store – 2915 MLK Blvd
ABC Liquors – 2121 W Parmer Ln
Whip In –  1950 S. Interstate 35
Hi Hat Public House – 2121 E 6th St
The Driskill – 604 Brazos St
East 1st Grocery – 1811 E Cesar Chavez St
Draught House Pub & Brewery – 4112 Medical Parkway
Korner Store – 705 Aquarena Springs Dr, San Marcos, TX


Thanks for reading, and we look forward to great times with you up in Austin. Please keep all high-fives and hugs above the belt.


Freetail Brewing

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