Dia de La Muerta XI and La Muerta 18 Bottle Release

Dia de La Muerta XI Festival & Bottle Release at our S Presa brewery. We are going to a festival format this year (which means no more bottle share), and have lined up a killer list of Texas brewers bringing their best (many of whom don’t distribute to San Antonio normally): Austin Beerworks, Celis, The … Continued

Raspberry Ananke 2017

Wow, it’s been a long time waiting for the return of Ananke. Lots of emails, Facebook messages, tweets and general hollers from all of you asking me when it will be back. Well… it’s back. A blend of Ananke batches from 2015 and 2016 paired with a healthy dose of raspberry puree. Both batches were … Continued

Día de La Muerta X

Dia de La Muerta 2017 is here! All the details for this year’s release are here.

The Future of Craft Beer Relies on Independence.

As these United States of America prepare for our annual celebration of Independence, one of our most cherished treasures — craft beer from small, independent brewers — is as strong as ever but also threatened like never before. Large multi-national beverage alcohol conglomerates are circling around our industry, their Mergers & Acquisitions departments locked and … Continued

Happy Texas Craft Beer Independence Day

The picture below is a pretty special one to me. Not only was I significantly younger and thinner, but it was taken alongside Texas craft beer lobbyists Jim Dow, Mark Homer and Jason Smith (Jim and Mark still represent Texas craft brewers today, Jason now works for the University of Houston) as we marched to the Capitol … Continued

Mini Awesome Bottle… and Can Release Day

UPDATE: This post was updated with bottle/case counts and pricing on March 8, 2017   Hola! It’s been awhile, but I’m back for another fun announcement. As you are probably painfully aware, 2016 came and went without a Super Mega Awesome Bottle Release Day. It wasn’t for lack of wanting on our part, but rather … Continued

2nd Round La Muerta tickets on sale TONIGHT + Cellar Release + Updated FAQ

Hey everyone, a couple of things: ROUND 2 LA MUERTA TICKETS ON SALE TONIGHT AT 7PM Second chance La Muerta tickets go on sale tonight at 7pm. There will be 100 tickets available for purchase here: https://lamuerta16.eventbrite.com These second chance tickets will get you into the bottle share and entitle you to purchase 2 bottles of … Continued

Second Round of Dia de La Muerta tickets

Hey everyone, just a quick coupla’things here: 1) If you missed getting Dia de La Muerta tickets last week, we’ll be opening up a second category of tickets later this week. While the First Class Cabin (guaranteed allotment of each variant) is sold out, we will be releasing some Coach Cabin tickets that will include … Continued

Dia de La Muerta IX

Another trip around the sun, and the time has come for another Dia de La Muerta, this being number nine. For those unfamiliar, Dia de La Muerta is the annual release of our smoked imperial stout, La Muerta (for a history of La Muerta through 2014, you can read here). Last year we started stepping … Continued

The 1604 Brewpub: Now With (More) Beer!

  Hey everyone, If you’ve been up to the brewpub recently, you’ve probably noticed some big changes. Gone are the sports memorabilia and other nick knacks that have collected on our walls over the years. In their place, a fresh coat of paint and some beautiful photos by our own Allison Smith. We’ve grown up … Continued

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