Freetail Brewing - Texicali Brown Ale

Brown Ale

American Brown Ale

ABV 6.1% • IBU 33 • Timeframe: Winter Seasonal

Originally brewed in 2013 to celebrate the union of two coasts— the carefree, surf-wise ways of the West combined with the rugged, tough-minded will of the Third coast. Together, we’ve struck it rich with a match made in TexiCali—a delightful marriage of Gold Rush enthusiasm and Texas Tea refinement.

The elusive Texas Brown is a bit stronger—and hoppier—than the classic English style, and its origins are as obscure as a cold, dark pint glass full of the malty liquid. Some say it was a fortunate accident—a homebrewed pale ale gone awry with the inclusion of a portion of chocolate malt and take down a dark alley. Others say it was a Californian twist on the original—just a few more West Coast whole cone hops to finish the brew with a kick.

Whatever it was, it was love at first sip—these two were meant to be together! Brewed with North American 2-Row and Vienna malts, UK Caramel, Chocolate and Roast malts and a healthy dose of US Crystal hops in the finish, to keep it real.

Available In: 12oz cans, 7.75 gal kegs, 15.5 gal kegs


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