[ 22oz Bomber ]

ABV 7.1% • IBU 34

#WHALEZBRO is what we hope will become an annual series featuring a blend of hand-picked barrels from our wood-aging program. We hope to release this beer every year at Super Mega Awesome Bottle Release Day, withholding the details of the blend until the day after.

2015 (Released August 29, 2015): 20% La Muerta 2015 aged in Elijah Craig 12 barrels (hint... Elijah Craig 12 La Muerta is coming in 2015...); 40% brown ale refermented with molasses in Woodford Reserve barrels; 40% young Flanders Red aged in red wine barrels with lactobacillus, pediococcus & brettanomyces (specifically, this is 1-year old Flanders that will eventually be aged for up to 3 years and blended with younger vintages to create the end product in 2017). This beer is bottle conditioned and should be expected to evolve and mature in the bottle if stored properly. 7.1% ABV, 34 IBU.

Available In: 22oz bombers


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