FREETAIL BREWING - Witicus Double Rye Wit


[ 22oz Bomber ]

Double Witbier

ABV 7.9% • IBU 27

Witicus Double Rye Wit fuels our love affair with the wit beer styles of Belgium. Wit--or “white”--beer represents a broad range of beers brewed with a healthy portion of raw wheat and an assortment of spices. Raw wheat creates a starch haze when cold, lending the beer its “white” hue. The main spices traditionally used are curac?ao orange peel and coriander, though other spices have certainly been used, from other citrus peels to cumin and cardamom. Hushed speculation discussed in confidence regarding the mythic “secret” spices of famous brands continues to this day. At Freetail, we believe that myths are built on flavors and not in top secret details.

Including rye malt in the mash, Witicus amplifies, broadens and reshapes our perception of the style. The rye imparts a subtle, earthy spiciness to the brew which is heightened by the addition of chamomile, orange and lemon peel in the kettle. Very restrained use of aroma hops adds to a complex bouquet of delicate flowers, zesty citrus and sharp rye. A carefully selected yeast completes the panorama of flavors and perhaps gives the illusion of a secret ingredient looming in the background. Designed to be shared with good friends and enjoyed in all seasons, Witicus Double Rye Wit crosses boundaries, mends fences and expands horizons.

Available In: 22oz bombers, 7.75 gal kegs, 15.5 gal kegs


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