Where to get it (so far)

Hey everyone, we’ve been getting hammered with calls, emails, tweets, FB messages, Pony Express Messengers, mimes, and ravens asking WHERE DO I GET YOUR BEER?!? First off, THANK …

For La Muerta VI, A Brief History (To Date)

***Note, this is essentially a re-post of what I put together for the La Muerta V release in 2012. I’ve merely updated with new data. The sixth iteration …

Draft Magazine: Extreme Beer Collectors

Great article from Christoper Staten at Draft Magazine on Extreme Beer Collectors. This is what we are generally trying to avoid with our bottle release format. http://draftmag.com/features/extreme-beer-collectors/

What Are You Trying To Say?

Web traffic of this site over the last 5 days. What are you guys trying to say?

TABC Will Not Appeal

Just heard from my (very trusted) source at TABC that they will not appeal Judge Sparks’ ruling.

RealTail II

Super pumped today to be able to announce more details of RealTail II. We’ll be brewing the Collaboration Beer this Saturday morning at Freetail. Our normal tour is …

Silence is Golden

By now you’ve noticed a fairly pronounced degree of silence from me on the issue of HB 660 and other beer related legislation. That trend won’t end today. …

Day 78: I’m Back!

I’m back, but with no news. Still trying to catch up from being gone for almost a week. Look for an update tomorrow!