Happy Texas Craft Beer Independence Day

The picture below is a pretty special one to me. Not only was I significantly younger and thinner, but it was taken alongside Texas craft beer lobbyists Jim Dow, Mark Homer and Jason Smith (Jim and Mark still represent Texas craft brewers today, Jason now works for the University of Houston) as we marched to the Capitol … Continued

Updating Our Look

It’s been a year and a half since we hit the market with cans, and things have been going well. We’ve risen up the IRI charts (basically, the Billboard Music Charts of Beer) in San Antonio and our Helles, IPA and Seasonal are all in the top 5 in the Lager, IPA and Seasonal Categories, … Continued

Dia de La Muerta 2015 – Final Details

  The week is upon us. The eighth iteration of our smoked imperial stout, La Muerta, releasing throughout the week (starting yesterday, technically), culminating in Dia de La Muerta on Saturday November 7. THE BEERS Let’s start with a rundown of the beers being bottled: La Muerta 2015. 9.11%, 50 IBU. Will be available at … Continued

Hopothesis | Fall 2015 Release

Hop Megatron Bombs… with a splash of citrus Last month we told you that we’d heard you loud and clear and would be making Hopothesis more often. Instead of a once-a-year release, Hopothesis will now be a semi-annual release. We packaged up the fall 2015 batch last week and it will ship out to our … Continued

Growing & Busting at the Seams!

Hey gang, we sent out the press release below this morning and I was really excited to hit send. So much so, that I held myself back over the weekend from leaking spoilers. Bottom line: our plans are coming to fruition. We’re making beer, getting out there and selling it, and we’re expanding our reach. … Continued

Easy Parts & Hard Parts

What a whirlwind. All of it. The production, the events, the promotion, the sales, the distributor relations, the branding, the media requests, the social interaction. The all of it. Some of it is easy, most of it is fun. Some of it is hard, a very small portion of it really sucks. None of this … Continued

Where to get it (so far)

Hey everyone, we’ve been getting hammered with calls, emails, tweets, FB messages, Pony Express Messengers, mimes, and ravens asking WHERE DO I GET YOUR BEER?!? First off, THANK YOU for your early embrace of us. Taking this step from brewpub to distributing brewery wasn’t a small one, and definitely made us a bit nervous. To … Continued

Ananke Day, RealTail 2014 and more…

ADVANCE WARNING: THIS IS A LONG ONE It’s that time of the year and the inquiries as to the date of this year’s Ananke Day have started to pop up. So, without further ado, I am here to announce that there will not be an Ananke Day 2014. You read that right. Nothing happened to … Continued

Having a little fun: Lecture Series beer labels

Most of you may not know a little background about me: I’m a economics geek and as of Fall 2013 a retired economics prof. While I miss teaching, I definitely appreciate the additional time I have to focus on the brewery, especially as we prepare to expand. The other night I was missing teaching a … Continued

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