RealTail’16, Cherry Bexarliner & Crawfish oh my!

SA Beer Week is over and what a great one it was. Many thanks to all the breweries, wholesalers, retailers and most importantly BEER DRINKERS who helped make it happen! With that said, the party doesn’t stop, and we’re picking up right where we left off next Saturday, April 16. As many of you are likely … Continued

Dia de La Muerta 2015 – Final Details

  The week is upon us. The eighth iteration of our smoked imperial stout, La Muerta, releasing throughout the week (starting yesterday, technically), culminating in Dia de La Muerta on Saturday November 7. THE BEERS Let’s start with a rundown of the beers being bottled: La Muerta 2015. 9.11%, 50 IBU. Will be available at … Continued

Austin, let’s not make this weird.

Austin, the wait is over. We have a little bit of history in this city. I used to spend way more time than I ever hoped to in one of your beautiful buildings. I even made quite a few friends there. Okay, I’ll admit it, I even kind of like it there. But I’m an unapologetic … Continued


Without any further delay, I present the 4th and final bottle to be released at Super Mega Awesome Bottle Release Day ’15 on August 29th… ladies and gentleman… I present to you… #WHALEZBRO There is only one basic description for #WHALEZBRO that I can provide to you right now: you may end up not liking this beer… … Continued

Growing & Busting at the Seams!

Hey gang, we sent out the press release below this morning and I was really excited to hit send. So much so, that I held myself back over the weekend from leaking spoilers. Bottom line: our plans are coming to fruition. We’re making beer, getting out there and selling it, and we’re expanding our reach. … Continued

‘Tis the Season

As I am sure many people do, I find myself in a reflective mood as the year winds down and we gather with family and friends to celebrate the holidays. 2014 was a year of achievement for Freetail. We finished the completion of our new brewery, began distribution, find ourselves already in 150+ off-premise and … Continued

La Muerta VII Details and History (So Far)

It’s that time of year again! The weather is changing ever so slowly (highs forecast ONLY in the low 80s this week!), folks are starting to contemplate their holiday plans, and the Spurs get ready to make another run to the title. This also marks Dia de La Muerta, and the annual repost of the … Continued

Where to get it (so far)

Hey everyone, we’ve been getting hammered with calls, emails, tweets, FB messages, Pony Express Messengers, mimes, and ravens asking WHERE DO I GET YOUR BEER?!? First off, THANK YOU for your early embrace of us. Taking this step from brewpub to distributing brewery wasn’t a small one, and definitely made us a bit nervous. To … Continued

Go Time.

Trust me, I know. It has felt like an eternity since we started the Freetail2 project. We officially revealed the S Presa location with an event honoring State Senator Leticia Van de Putte and State Rep Mike Villarreal on September 7, 2013 and there was months of legwork before then. It was a long, stressful, … Continued

Your Long Overdue FT2 Update

Hey everyone, here is your standard opening paragraph where I apologize for not updating on a more regular basis. I won’t bother with an excuse or a promise to do better… I’ll just say that hey… I suck at keeping this up-to-date. The silver lining is that I suck at keeping up-to-date because we are … Continued

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