Day 42: The Blitz

First, the great news. With my complete lack of medical training, I herby declare myself healed of the flu and fully capable of working from my office (HorrorPops radio on the Pandora, recommended for your fix of psychobilly fun), and nudging the ball forward on HB 660. Big week, as HB 660 will get referred to the … Continued

Day 30: Committee Assignments, HB 660 Rallies this Weekend

Big news today as House Committee assignments were announced.  Below is a list of the members of the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee, which both HB 660 and HB 602 will be assigned (probably next week).  If you live in any of these members’ districts, it is especially important you contact them asking them … Continued

Day 28: When Regulations SUPPORT Local Business

I’ve spent the last 27 days pretty much talking about how our state’s alcoholic beverage code handcuffs local business.  But what about when it supports local business? The Texas wine industry is a great example. In 2001, prior to legislative reforms that allowed wineries to sell wine to consumers on-premise, Texas wine was a $132 … Continued

Day 23: Bundle Up.

Rolling blackouts? $27 billion dollar state budget deficits? All of a sudden it feel like California down here, except without all the brewery-friendly laws. For those of you who don’t live in Texas, it’s cold today. Maybe not cold by whatever standards your state might go by – but really really friggin’ by South Central Texan standards.  … Continued

Day 20: Great American Breweries

Following up on the graphic I posted a few weeks ago of my local beer cooler, I’ve had a certain curiosity about the correlation between a breweries ability to do the things that HB 660 and HB 602 try to achieve and their perceived “greatness.” There is an obvious problem in trying to build this list – … Continued

Day 19: How You Are Helping

Tomorrow marks the 1/7th mark of the session, so if the session were a week long we are about done with Sunday.  We have made amazing progress so far. Yesterday, a couple of HB 660 supporters and craft beer drinkers emailed me to tell me their HB 660 stories. The first comes from Freetail fan … Continued

Day 11: Under the Spotlight

The title of today’s post is both a reflection of the growing interest in HB 660, and the way I spent most of yesterday. Thursday is typically the day I take “off” (I use the term “off” lightly since you’ll still usually find me at the brewpub), but yesterday ranks right up there with some … Continued

Day 8: Two Bills, One Scott

If you follow me on twitter (@beermonkey), you may have caught this tweet last night: Was told today that the Governor’s office is aware of #HB660 and is asking questions. Our voice is being heard. Let’s keep it up! It’s a good sign that our very young campaign for HB 660 is being noticed. Thanks again … Continued

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