Day 71: We hold this line.

It is extremely rare to find me setting my alarm for 5:30am. It is even more rare to find me waking before a 5:30am alarm in anticipation of the day ahead. It just isn’t the lifestyle I lead. But today I opened my eyes and glanced at the alarm clock to find 5:15. Normally my … Continued

Day 70: Halftime.

Day 70 of the Legislative session. In other words, the end of the first half. Tomorrow, on Day 71, I will join some of my colleagues in testifying before the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures committee on behalf of HB 660 (I’ll post a copy of my testimony either tomorrow or Wednesday). Those of you … Continued

Day 67: Now is the time.

Texas Craft Beer lovers, now is the time to make your voice heard. House Bill’s 660 and 602 have been schedule for Public Hearing in the Licensing and Administrative Procedures committee at 8:05 Tuesday March 22. (Note, neither bill may be heard at 8:05, that is when the hearing starts of which we are on … Continued

Day 66: A little luck goes a long way

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! I hope you are all are enjoying craft beer on this festive day, and please remember to do so responsibly. We had a great event at the Capitol last night that one staffer told me was the best attended reception at the Capitol in her memory in the 8 years she’s worked … Continued

Day 65: Warm Receptions

Almost to the halfway point of the legislative session, and today Texas Beer Freedom is hosting a reception for Members and their staffs at the Capitol. These kind of events are always fun for me, because they put to test my ability to guess how much beer people will drink. I almost always underestimate folks … Continued

Day 63: Reboot

Sorry for missing days 61 and 62. As things are gearing to heat up, I need to take a short sojourn to the beach and recharge. One of my favorite things, as a native Texan, is the amazing diversity in our landscapes. In a two-hour drive I can from the hill country to the beach and … Continued

Day 60: Drink Beer, Save Texas

In coordination with Texas Beer Freedom, you’ll soon be able to find these beauties at Freetail, Blue Star, NXNW, Uncle Billy’s, Black Star and Draught House (and maybe more places, I’ll update you as the list grows). At all locations, you buy the glass for $10 and it includes your first beer. Details on what … Continued

Day 59: Econ 101

Okay, maybe not 101 – but today’s post is about economics. Some folks know that making beer isn’t the only way I make a living (though it’s certainly my favorite) – I’m also an adjunct professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio. I met one of my former students at the Houston rally … Continued

Day 58: Populism

Today I spent the afternoon at the Capitol will colleagues, delivering invitations to every single office for a legislative event hosted by Texas Beer Freedom. On no occasion was I dismissed as a dismantler of a perfect system. No one accused me of trying to sell beer in dry counties or to children. No one even … Continued

Day 57: Another Beer Bill

HB 2436 was filed yesterday by Rep. Eddie Rodriguez. You can read the text of the bill here. This bill essentially accomplished what HB 660 tries to, except for production breweries and not brewpubs. HB 2436 would allow Texas microbreweries to sell to consumers at the brewery for either on or off-premise consumption. HB 2436 … Continued

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