2nd Round La Muerta tickets on sale TONIGHT + Cellar Release + Updated FAQ

Hey everyone, a couple of things: ROUND 2 LA MUERTA TICKETS ON SALE TONIGHT AT 7PM Second chance La Muerta tickets go on sale tonight at 7pm. There will be 100 tickets available for purchase here: https://lamuerta16.eventbrite.com These second chance tickets will get you into the bottle share and entitle you to purchase 2 bottles of … Continued

Dia de La Muerta 2015 – Final Details

  The week is upon us. The eighth iteration of our smoked imperial stout, La Muerta, releasing throughout the week (starting yesterday, technically), culminating in Dia de La Muerta on Saturday November 7. THE BEERS Let’s start with a rundown of the beers being bottled: La Muerta 2015. 9.11%, 50 IBU. Will be available at … Continued

Dia De La Muerta 2015

Yes, it is that time of year again. The eight iteration of La Muerta is scheduled for release on draft at our brewpub on November 1st, with our annual bottle release (Dia de La Muerta) on Saturday November 7th at our S Presa brewery and distribution beginning on Tuesday November 10. This year we’ve decided … Continued

La Muerta VII Details and History (So Far)

It’s that time of year again! The weather is changing ever so slowly (highs forecast ONLY in the low 80s this week!), folks are starting to contemplate their holiday plans, and the Spurs get ready to make another run to the title. This also marks Dia de La Muerta, and the annual repost of the … Continued

Dia de La Muerta 2013 Release Details

Wednesday is here and, as promised, so are the details on this year’s Dia de La Muerta. We will be selling 1,596 bottles/133 cases this year (up from 1,476 bottles/123 cases last year). Here are details on the event itself: The bottle share will start at 7:30am. We request that no one come on the … Continued

The Future of Freetail Bottle Releases (for now)

After  Super Mega Awesome Bottle Release Day, I decided we needed to rethinking bottle releases (again). This time, it isn’t because it was a fiasco or because things didn’t go well… it was because I felt we’d become a little too popular for own good. When I arrived at 7:15am for SMABRD, I was handed … Continued

Dia de La Muerta (And General Bottle Release) FAQs

With Dia de La Muerta on Saturday, we’re getting flooded with various questions about the release, so I figured a FAQ was in order. Here is everything you need to know about Dia de La Muerta, a lot of which pertains to bottle releases in general. Wait, I thought you couldn’t couldn’t bottle your beer? … Continued

For La Muerta V, A Brief History (To Date)

The fifth iteration of La Muerta day looms, and I thought it was a good time to reflect on and share how this all came to be. When Freetail was still in its planning phases, we knew (like pretty much any brewery that opened since 2004 or so) we wanted to brew an imperial stout. … Continued

Please do not buy Freetail beers on eBay

It has been brought to my attention that someone is selling, or trying to sell, our beers on eBay. I heard about it with Ananke (which we still have bottles of sitting on our shelves) and I found a listing for a 2011 La Muerta with a starting bid of $49.99. Please do not buy … Continued

Dia de La Muerta 2011

Happy Halloween to all – may your treats be craft beer and may no one trick you into drinking anything less! Just a quick update to talk about one of the most anticipated days of the year for those of us at Freetail and many of you, Dia de La Muerta. For those unacquainted, La Muerta is … Continued

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