A Lust for Lambos

So maybe by now you’ve heard that I’ve been acting like an immature child again. You might remember back in April of 2013 I tried to use Kickstarter to get a Delivery Lamborghini¬†for which Kickstarter rightfully said no, although they did it for all the wrong reasons. Instead of citing their rules, which my project … Continued

Having a little fun: Lecture Series beer labels

Most of you may not know a little background about me: I’m a economics geek and as of Fall 2013 a retired economics prof. While I miss teaching, I definitely appreciate the additional time I have to focus on the brewery, especially as we prepare to expand. The other night I was missing teaching a … Continued

Kickstarter says NO to Freetail Delivery Lamborghini

Just got an email from Kickstarter, saying they were rejecting my project. This is especially disappointing considering how awesome my project would have been. I guess I’ll have to rely on funding our business the “old fashioned” way of using our own money. -Scott Here’s the project, click on images to view full size.  

Freetail Brewing

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