Day 65: Warm Receptions

Almost to the halfway point of the legislative session, and today Texas Beer Freedom is hosting a reception for Members and their staffs at the Capitol. These kind of events are always fun for me, because they put to test my ability to guess how much beer people will drink. I almost always underestimate folks … Continued

Day 60: Drink Beer, Save Texas

In coordination with Texas Beer Freedom, you’ll soon be able to find these beauties at Freetail, Blue Star, NXNW, Uncle Billy’s, Black Star and Draught House (and maybe more places, I’ll update you as the list grows). At all locations, you buy the glass for $10 and it includes your first beer. Details on what … Continued

Day 58: Populism

Today I spent the afternoon at the Capitol will colleagues, delivering invitations to every single office for a legislative event hosted by Texas Beer Freedom. On no occasion was I dismissed as a dismantler of a perfect system. No one accused me of trying to sell beer in dry counties or to children. No one even … Continued

Day 51: Texas Independence

Right off the bat, happy Texas Independence Day! 175 years ago, while the brave men and women of our state fought for independence at the Alamo for 13 days, our state declared itself sovereign. Not to put our efforts on par with what those Texans did back then, but today, we fight for the independence … Continued

Day 48: Pics from the Rally

Nothing much to say today, except share some pictures from Friday night’s Rally. There are a bunch more to be found on the Freetail Brewing Co. and HB 660 Facebook pages as well. Before the pics, just also want to share a few links to coverage from Friday night. KSAT 12 has coverage here and … Continued

Day 46: Its Rally Time!

If you live in San Antonio or within the immediate vicinity – I expect to see you at Main Plaza tonight. I’m not super political and I’m not really up-to-date what the Tea Party is all about… but either way a Beer Party sounds like a lot more fun! Let’s show the rest of Texas … Continued

Day 45: The Buzz

Lots of buzz following yesterday’s meetings at the Capitol (which I still contend is made of Milk Chocolate. Get within 10 feet of it and you’ll be tempted to take a bite like I was) and last nights social gathering for the Texas Beer Institute, a consortium of production breweries. Lee Nichols caught up with … Continued

Day 34: HB 660 in 30 Seconds

I met a gentleman named Michael Schultz yesterday at the HB 660 rally in Houston – and he put together this 30 second video.  Enjoy.

Day 33: The Movement is Strong

Another late post, this one 11 hours late… I promise to catch up today. We had an absolutely fabulous turnout at the Flying Saucer Houston last night and it was a blast meeting and talking to so many of the folks who read this blog.  Thank you again for your amazing support. People talk about … Continued

Day 32: Texas Beer Freedom (Late, I know)

Right off the bat, I realize this post is 9 hours 18 minutes (and counting) late.  Yesterday was a crazy day for me; as soon as I woke up I hit the road to Houston, where my day was filled with meetings and then an epic (and yes, I mean epic) beer tasting that didn’t … Continued

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