May 20th.

What a difference a year makes. The top photo is from May 20, 2014. The top was taken just a few minutes ago. Thanks to all of you who have been part of this wild ride with us!

Bourbon Barrel Aged Local Coffee Stout Release Details

Back in… I think 2009… we released bourbon barrel aged La Muerta. Much to our dismay, it eventually turned sour and was worthy of only one thing: pouring down the drain. It was then that I vowed NO MORE BOURBON BARREL AGED BEER! (Even though I believe we did do one more barrel aged Old … Continued

Growing & Busting at the Seams!

Hey gang, we sent out the press release below this morning and I was really excited to hit send. So much so, that I held myself back over the weekend from leaking spoilers. Bottom line: our plans are coming to fruition. We’re making beer, getting out there and selling it, and we’re expanding our reach. … Continued

FT2 Bottle Release: Local Coffee Stout Sat 1/24/15

Hey friends, it’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, and we definitely haven’t done one at the new brewery. This Saturday, Jan 24, we will host a bottle release at our new brewery on S Presa for Local Coffee Stout. Before I get into the details of the release, let’s get into the … Continued

Where to get it (so far)

Hey everyone, we’ve been getting hammered with calls, emails, tweets, FB messages, Pony Express Messengers, mimes, and ravens asking WHERE DO I GET YOUR BEER?!? First off, THANK YOU for your early embrace of us. Taking this step from brewpub to distributing brewery wasn’t a small one, and definitely made us a bit nervous. To … Continued

For La Muerta VI, A Brief History (To Date)

***Note, this is essentially a re-post of what I put together for the La Muerta V release in 2012. I’ve merely updated with new data. The sixth iteration of La Muerta day looms, and I thought it was a good time to reflect on and share how this all came to be. When Freetail was … Continued

Draft Magazine: Extreme Beer Collectors

Great article from Christoper Staten at Draft Magazine on Extreme Beer Collectors. This is what we are generally trying to avoid with our bottle release format.

TABC Will Not Appeal

Just heard from my (very trusted) source at TABC that they will not appeal Judge Sparks’ ruling.

RealTail II

Super pumped today to be able to announce more details of RealTail II. We’ll be brewing the Collaboration Beer this Saturday morning at Freetail. Our normal tour is being pushed back to 1pm this Saturday – might be a good one to head out to. Both Jason and John Lee will be here along with … Continued

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