Just  a quick roll call on who has officially supported our Craft Beer Bills, SB515-18 and HB1763-66, as of noon today. If only the folks in Washington, DC could be this bi-partisan!

After the list of supporters of the bills we like, I’ve also included a list of members who have officially supported the bills we oppose. Feel free to express your opinions on these bills, but remember to always do so in a respectful manner.

(Lists are in the order in which they are listed on Texas Legislature Website)

BILLS WE SUPPORT (SB 515-18, HB 1763-66)


Primary Author: Kevin Eltife (R-District 1)

Joint Authors: Brian Birdwell (R-District 22) [Note: Senator Birdwell is signed as a Joint-Author only on SB515 and 518]; Eddie Lucio Jr. (D-District 27); Leticia Van de Putte (D-District 26); Kirk Watson (D-District 14); John Whitmire (D-District 15)

Co-Authors: Wendy Davis (D-District 10); Bob Deuell (R-District 2); Rodney Ellis (D-District 13); Craig Estes (R-District 30); Kelly Hancock (R-District 9); Jane Nelson (R-District 12); Jose Rodriguez (D-District 29); Tommy Williams (R-District 4)


Primary Author: Wayne Smith (R-District 128)

Joint-Authors: Patricia Harless (R-District 126); Mike Villarreal (D-District 123); Jason Isaac (R-District 45); Eddie Rodriguez (D-District 51)

BILLS WE OPPOSE (SB 639 & HB 1538)


Primary Author: John Carona (R-District 16)

Co-Author: Eddie Lucio Jr. (D-District 27)


Primary Author: Charlie Geren (R-District 99)

Joint-Authors: Naomi Gonzalez (D-District 76); Bobby Guerra (D-District 41); Lance Gooden (R-District 4); Abel Herrero (D-District 34)

Co-Authors: Yvonne Davis (D-District 111); Joe Deshotel (D-District 22); Craig Eiland (D-District 23); Joe Farias (D-District 118); Ryan Guillen (D-District 31); Roland Gutierrez (D-District 119); Kyle Kacal (R-District 12); Sergio Munoz Jr (D-District 36); Kenneth Sheets (R-District 107); Chris Turner (D-District 101)

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