Not a lot to update on today, but I did want to send a special thanks to Silas Parker of Darkside Fermentation who worked with a local San Marcos printer to come up with these sweet HB 660 shirts.  We didn’t have a huge amount, but we were able to raise almost $350 for the HB 660 effort today just by selling shirts at today’s Freetail Bottle Release.

Check out Silas fashionably modeling the shirt.

You’ll start seeing these T-shirts at more events around the state, and all the proceeds will go to Texas Beer Freedom, a non-profit organization we have founded to help support HB 660. 

Also coming this week you will see a Texas Beer Freedom website and the ability to accept online donations.  These donations will go 100% to expenses related to HB 660, including the hiring of a paid lobbyist to help us navigate the cooridors of the Capitol.


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