Today, at the request of a Legislator, I combed through every state’s alcoholic beverage laws to determine how many states allow brewpubs to sell to distributors, or self-distribute. 

1) As much as some Texas beer laws suck, at least they are well-organized and easy to navigate through. Some of the other states’ were like reading Aramaic.

2) What I found: Of the 39 states that have brewpubs that I could find the answers to, 25 allow brewers to sell to wholesalers, 14 do not (Texas obviously included).

3) Of those 25 who allow brewpubs to distribute, 19 allow them to also self-distribute some amount.

Not surprisingly, most of the states that are known as “craft beer states” have laws that allow the activities we seek.

No reason for Texas to be in the dark ages of beer laws.

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