I’m back! Okay, technically I’m still quarantined in my house – but at least I’m back to blogging strength.

A lot has happened this week.  Quite notably, some very high profile beer distributors have contacted me in order to set up meetings to discuss the bill. Did I really just type that? I had a hard time believing it myself. We’ve known all along that there was a group of distributors in Texas who were not only open to the idea of brewpubs distributing, but actively interested in making it happen. Previously, however, everything had been left in the hands of their respective lobbyists. But now they are reaching out to me to sit down and talk over a beer (the way all problems should be solved, by the way.)

Today, a number of very high profile articles came out on the topic of HB 660.

Chris Smith of The Texas Tribute wrote a fantastic headline story (literally – it’s the top story on their webpage right now) which also ran in the web and print editions of the New York Times. On a personal note, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome to be quoted in the New York Times.  Momma Metzger will be proud.

Charlie Papazian, who the entire craft brewing movement owes a tremendous amount of gratitude towards, has a follow up piece here.

Next week I’ll be sitting down with Rep. Villarreal and a lobbyist from one of the wholesalers’ groups in order to try to find common ground so we can get this thing passed.  I’ve never felt better about the chances of success for this bill, and it is all thanks to you – the folks who are making their voices heard. Without your emails, letters, and phone calls – this would be an easily ignored bill. Instead, no one can afford to ignore us. This is a tremendous example of the power of grassroots.  Thank you all.

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