Not a lot of news to report today, other than I’m sitting in front of the PC, writing a first draft of my testimony before the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures committee. As I mentioned in the past, we should be getting scheduled for a hearing in the next few weeks. By now, all the readers of this blog are pretty familiar with the facts and the solid reasoning behind supporting HB 660. Now its my job to present the argument in the most compelling way possible in a 3-8 minute testimony. There will undoubtedly be many drafts before I’ve nailed it.

On Day 51 (and, by the way, apologies for not having a Day 52 update – WordPress was having issues at the time I had to post, so I couldn’t squeeze one in) I mentioned a party at Uncle Billy’s on Lake Travis. I should have more details in the next day or two, but I *think* I’ve secured a pretty big time band. The date is Sunday April 3 – so mark your calendars and look out for the official announcement of the headlining act. The only info I can give away at this point is that they are big and they are Texan.

For those of you in San Antonio, I’ll be enjoying First Friday tonight having a good time and sporting my HB 660 button. If you see me, lets grab a beer.

Freetail Brewing

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