It is extremely rare to find me setting my alarm for 5:30am. It is even more rare to find me waking before a 5:30am alarm in anticipation of the day ahead. It just isn’t the lifestyle I lead. But today I opened my eyes and glanced at the alarm clock to find 5:15. Normally my reaction would be to go back to sleep, but not today. Today there was only one thought on the front of my brain:

Why hello there, Today. Hope you’re ready for an ass kicking.

Seventy days have passed since my first entry to this blog on the topic of HB 660. Exactly one half of the legislative session. A lot has happened. As you will see later today, a substitute bill has been drafted for HB 660¬†– a compromise we have reached with other parties in exchange for their support. The bill isn’t as big of a win as it previously was, but it is still a huge victory for Texas craft brewers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers. It still generates¬†tremendous benefits for the state of Texas and it’s ailing coffers. This is still a bill we cannot afford to not pass.

You know our position is sound. Today we show our legislators that position. Today we hold our line against those who would attempt to derail us in their own selfish interest. Today, we win the first battle.

Tuning In

HB 602 will also be heard by the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee today. I don’t know which bill will go first, or even when. It will likely be between 8-10am, but it is possible we could be adjourned until the afternoon. It all depends on how other hearings go and which order they call them in.¬†You can listen (and maybe watch) the hearings live today here.

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