Congrats to Brock Wagner, the folks at St. Arnold, and all the other Texas brewers, distributors and retailers supporting HB 602 which today passed the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee by a vote of 6-0. Next up is the Local & Consent Calendar Committee, which will place the bill on the Calendar for a vote before the entire house. 

As far as HB 660 goes, we are still trying to arrange for it to be brought up for a vote before the committee. No further news at this time.

HB 2436

(512) Brewing’s Kevin Brand has a post on his blog today about HB 2436, which I believe deserves the support of every Texas craft beer lover as well. You can read all about it here.

Around the Web

Charles Kuffner has a blog post today on HB 660 at Off the Kuff. Mr. Kuffner is rather critical of the anti-competitive nature of the system the WBDT is trying to protect. He’s got a great point. This is America, right?

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