Yes, it is that time of year again. The eight iteration of La Muerta is scheduled for release on draft at our brewpub on November 1st, with our annual bottle release (Dia de La Muerta) on Saturday November 7th at our S Presa brewery and distribution beginning on Tuesday November 10.

This year we’ve decided to step up our game a little bit and will be releasing 4 variants of La Muerta in bottles, with 3 more plus a cask on draft exclusive to the brewery at the event itself in addition to last year’s. 2 of the 4 bottled variants will see distribution in draft and bottles throughout our distribution network (check out this handy map to see where our beer is distributed).

First some info on the bottled variants (we will release info on the brewery-only variants on draft and cask the week before the release):

  • La Muerta. Pretty straight forward, homies. Our Smoked Imperial Stout in it’s unadulterated form. This year La Muerta is weighing in at 8.8% and 50 IBU
  • EC12: 1/3 Fresh La Muerta, 2/3 La Muerta aged in Elijah Craig 12 barrels
  • Vanilla EC12: Exactly what it sounds like – EC12 aged on Madagascar Vanilla Beans
  • Coconut EC12: You guessed it, EC12 aged on toasted coconut

Regular La Muerta and EC12 will see distribution. Vanilla and Coconut will be brewery exclusive.


Look, we know our releases aren’t perfect, and we are ALWAYS trying our best to improve them. We got some really great feedback from SMABRD’15 back in August so I’m glad you guys noticed the efforts my team goes through to make these go as smoothly as possible. With that said, there is always ways to improve, so we are making a few tweaks that we think will help make the release even better. So here are the details for the bottle release on 11/7

  • Once again this will be held at our production brewery located at 2000 S Presa St, San Antonio, TX 78210.
  • We will open our doors and begin distributing wristbands promptly at 8am, and the bottle share will commence at that time. Wristband #1 will be given as a prize for our Costume Contest on October 29… so Wristbands start at #2.
  • To ease congestion, we will set up tables in the brewery, so that the share will have expanded space
  • Bottles will go on sales, by the order of your wristband at 9:30am
  • We will have a CASH LINE¬†and a credit card line. We strongly advise that you utilize the CASH LINE, it moves much much faster.
  • We will have two CASH ONLY¬†stations to buy beer for drinking on site starting at 10:00am. If you want to buy beer to drink with a credit card, you will have to wait until bottle sales are completed. (You might be asking: can’t you guys get another cash register that can take cards to handle this? The answer is yes… we could… but we aren’t, because we are trying to encourage use of the CASH LINE to speed things up and maximize your enjoyment)
  • We’ll bust out our PA system for making wristband announcements, you guys have outgrown our bullhorn!
  • Bottle counts will be announced the week of the release. Pricing will be: Regular La Muerta $13. The 3 variants: $15. All pours at our brewery are always $4 and that will be the case at the event for all beers on tap.
  • Any other questions you may have, hit me up on twitter at @beermonkey and I’ll do my best to answer!



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