Another trip around the sun, and the time has come for another Dia de La Muerta, this being number nine. For those unfamiliar, Dia de La Muerta is the annual release of our smoked imperial stout, La Muerta (for a history of La Muerta through 2014, you can read here). Last year we started stepping up our game, releasing variants in addition to the base stout, and by everything we’ve heard it was a hit with everyone who attended. We’re always looking to improve and this thus we are attempting to step up our game again this year.

This year’s release will take place on Saturday November 5 at our S Presa Brewery, with very limited distribution to follow. We’ll also have a few pre-release events with details below. Here are the all the details you need to know:



Bottled variants:

  • La Muerta. This year’s version is slightly drier and more bitter than years past. 9.5%, 50 IBU.
  • Tequila Barrel Aged (6 months contact time in tequila barrels)
  • Raspberry
  • Tiramisu

Draft-only, Release-day only variants:

  • 2014
  • 2015
  • Coffee (with Merit Roasters)
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Salted Caramel
  • Tres Leches
  • Razz Cheesecake
  • Pecan
  • Cascade Dry Hopped Cask
  • Curry Cask


In an effort to improve the way the release is conducted (as we always do) we are going to make a few changes. For the first time, we will be selling advance tickets for the release. Next Wednesday, 10/19/2016, at 12 noon, tickets will go on sale for $4, with 100% of the net proceeds (after EventBrite fees) going to the National Brain Tumor Foundation. The ticket will entitle the holder to their allotment of bottles (details on that below) for pickup until the end of day the following Saturday, November 12, at which time any unclaimed bottles will be available for sale. One ticket entitles you the right to buy your full allotment of all variants. Only one ticket per person is required and only one ticket per person is allowed! We will be checking IDs along with your tickets. Again: ONE TICKET PER PERSON ONLY. All mules must roll their butts out of bed and get in line like everyone else, no stand-ins.

When you buy your ticket, you’ll have the option of a $14 ticket, limited to 100 tickets, which will include the Teku glass pictured below. Also when buying your ticket, you will be asked to RSVP for the bottle share (again, details below). This is for information purposes only so we can plan on the number of people coming to the share. You are free to change your mind and not select it, but still come to the share or vice versa, but we ask that you please try to select the option to the best of your knowledge to help us plan.

Again for emphasis: Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday at 10/19/2016 at noon. We will update this blog on Monday with the EventBrite link. We will also be sending out an email to our newsletter (not signed up? Sign up here. We usually send no more than 1 email per month, but this will be an exception) on Monday with all these details, and then a follow up email on Wednesday morning with a reminder that tickets are going on sale.


Some specific details:

  • Doors open at 9am. You will still be wrist-banded in order to determine the buying order for those with tickets, but everyone with a ticket WILL GET THEIR ALLOTMENT. In terms of the number of bottles you get, there is no benefit to being #1 or #400. You will all have the opportunity to a full allotment.
  • You MUST have a ticket to buy bottles on the morning of the release. At 2pm, we will take an inventory of remaining bottles plus uncollected tickets and determine how many “extra” bottles are available. At 2:30pm, those bottles will be available for purchase for non-ticket holders.
  • We will once again be hosting a bottle share from 9am to 10:45am, at which time we will start picking up bottles. Like last year, we will set up some tables in the brewery to ease congestion in the tasting room. We encourage you to spread out.
  • We will begin selling bottles, in order of wristbands, at 9:30am.
  • We will begin selling beer (the 12 La Muerta variants on draft, plus cans of “drinkin’ beers”) right at 9am. Keep in mind, once bottle sales start at 9:30am, buying a beer will be CASH ONLY until bottle sales are over.
  • We will have a CASH line and a credit line. PLEASE help us speed things up by using the CASH line.
  • Pricing will be: $12 for Regular La Muerta, $15 for Variants. All beers on tap are $4.
  • Allotments will be determined a few days before the release based on ticket sales. We will guarantee a minimum of 2 bottles per variant per ticket.


Big Hops Huebner will have the first keg of La Muerta 16 on November 1st. Check their social media for details.

We’ll have a pre-release cellar party at our 1604 brewpub on Friday night. We will have kegs of last year’s variants in addition to bottles of last year variants on sale there. Stay tuned to our social media for more details there.

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