Must Meet Certain Criteria To Be Considered

Must have a current 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and be located in the San Antonio metropolitan area. We are sorry, but because we are in the business of producing and selling alcoholic beverages, we don’t feel it is appropriate to donate to organizations or events involving minors or motor sports.

Please send in your request at least 30 days prior to your event. We usually reach our monthly allotment for donations, and prioritize donations based (1) Previous relationship with requesting organization (2) Mission of requesting organization (3) Order in which request was received. It is against the law for us donate beer that will later be re-sold. It is also against the law for you to sell it. If you abuse our generosity and try to re-sell our donations, we’ll have no problems ratting you out.

We donate to non-profit events. We get that you think it would be great marketing for us to be part of your for-profit event or fundraiser. It’d be even better for you to have our beer there, so quit being a cheapskate and just buy a keg. If you are seeking support in the form of cash or a team/organization sponsorship, please submit requests by November of the year prior to your requested sponsorship for consideration in our Annual Budget. You are responsible for picking up donations at Freetail Brewing Co. during normal business hours.

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