Whew, what a hectic week it’s been! We had our first significant foray into self-distribution with our Austin launch (thank to everyone who has come out so far to make launch week a success!), we got two new 60-bbl fermenters delivered today, and we’ve gotten everything packaged and ready to go for Super Mega Awesome Bottle Release Day this Saturday!

The SA Current’s Jessica Elizarraras has a nice write up on SMABRD here and smartly notes that we are right around our 1-year anniversary of brewing at the new brewery. What a year it’s been.

With all that said, here is what you need to know for the release this Saturday.


  • NOTE: THIS IS HAPPENING AT OUR S PRESA BREWERY! If you show up to our original brewpub, you will be sad. REPEAT: THIS IS AT 2000 S PRESA ST, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78210.
  • We will have parking available on both sides of our building. There is a fenced lot between the brewery and the tire shop that is part of our property that can be used for parking. You can also park behind the building.
  • Doors will open at 8am at which time everyone will be allowed inside for the bottle share. We will have a taco truck on hand, but everyone is still welcome to bring in outside food.
  • Upon entrance you will receive a numbered wristband. Without a wristband, you won’t be able to buy bottles. You cannot get a wristband for someone who is “on their way” – only one wristband per person. Violators will be vaporized on site.
  • Bottles will go on sale promptly at noon. Even if you have a wristband, if you are not present when we call your number, you will forfeit your spot in line.
  • We will have two registers open for payment of bottles and merch. To help expedite the line, please do not try to buy beers while we are selling bottles. We will begin selling beer as soon as bottle sales are over.
  • To help expedite lines, we recommend bringing cash.
  • Bottle counts and prices:
    • #WHALEZBRO – 400 bottles, $13 + tax ($14.07 after tax) LIMIT 2/person
    • Peach Bexarliner – 800 bottles, $10 + tax ($10.83 after tax)
    • Komorebi – 900 bottles, $13 + tax ($14.07 after tax)
    • Despertado en Manzanilla – 900 bottles, $11 + tax ($11.91 after tax)
    • Bottle limits on Peach Bexarliner, Komorebi and Despertado will be determined based on the number of wristbands that have been passed out at 11:30am. Limit will be set by # of Bottles/Number of people. We will guarantee a minimum bottle limit of 2/person.
  • If you aren’t already familiar with these beers, you can get info on Peach Bexarliner, Komorebi and Despertado here. Info on #WHALEZBRO is here.
  • We will have some special SMABRD merch available in addition to the debut of our red Craft Master One glass, seen here in an imagine that truly does not do it justice
  • IMG_7223As we’ve done with past releases, you’ll pay at the register, and get a ticket to redeem for your bottles off to the side.


As in years past, we love hosting great bottle shares, and this year is no different. We have a lot of bottle share veterans who join us, but there are also a few new participants who sometimes can feel a little intimidated. One request we frequently get is for info on how a bottle share works or what to expect. I figured it was damn time I come up with a primer of our own for all of you who may joining your first share or you vets who just need to be reminded of how to behave yourselves. (Credit where it is due, many of these are liberally borrowed and re-interpreted from Paste Magazine here and here.

  1. Don’t feel like your beer isn’t worthy and don’t feel intimidated. A lot of long time bottle share vets (especially the ones who know each other very well) like to use these shares as an opportunity to break out their best and rarest beers. This is part of what makes bottle shares so awesome. However, don’t feel like you need to impress anyone if you don’t have a cellar full of rarities. I always tell folks, bring great beer and don’t think too hard about how “rare” it is. With that said, don’t stop at the gas station on the way in and buy a six-pack of High Life and think that will be okay. This is also a great time to try something that you’ve always thought about buying but never have. Many others may be in the same boat as you. Also, let the spirit of generosity be your guide. Sure, maybe that bomber you’d like to bring to the bottle share is $18… and maybe that’s more than you usually spend. But keep in mind that people will be sharing beer with you that is rare and expensive and very hard to come by. Splurge a little bit and you’ll be rewarded 10-fold. Along those lines… if you do have something special at home, this is a great time to bring it. Don’t come looking to offload beers you don’t really like and expect to taste some rarities in return. The crowd will be able to sniff out someone who is just being a cheap ass, and they’ll be less likely to share with you.
  2. Always ask permission. This goes for opening bottles and for getting tastes. You should NEVER open someone else’s bottle. And you should always wait to be offered some or ask if you can have some if a bottle is open. Bottles left unattended on a table full with beer should be considered fair game.
  3. Take it easy, man. You may not think 1 to 2-ounce pours is much, but trust me, things can quickly spiral out of control if you aren’t careful. Pace yourself, savor the beers (take notes if you like), snap some pictures, eat some food, DRINK SOME WATER, make conversation. The bottle share is as much about the company around you as it is the beers themselves.
  4. Bring your own glass. This is just a common courtesy. If you forget, we can cover you, but it’s always best to bring your own.
  5. Do not, under any circumstance, offer the host the Ghost Scorpion. He will hate you and hold it against you forever.
  6. Don’t be offended if someone doesn’t want to try your bottle. Especially if that person is me. While I participate in the shares as well, I am also getting work done to prepare for the event, so I pass on a majority of beers offered to me. It’s just a matter of practicality.
  7. Pay attention to announcements. They are important and often times are directly related to you getting your bottles. If the voice you hear is Bane’s, the announcement is especially important.
  8. Don’t be the drunk asshole. Buddy system here people. If you think you’ve had too much, slow it down a bit. Tell a friend, get some water, be safe.
  9. After the event, don’t drive off to the Texas Hill Country and then show up late for a BBQ where your wife is waiting for you. I’ve witness the dangers first hand. You know who you are, man. I’m still bent out of shape over that burnt chicken.
  10. Be cool. This is really the most important rule. Be cool, man.


Our friends at Big Hops are having an after party at their Bridge Location about 2 miles away from us with an assortment of rare tappings. So save room for some of that.

I think that is everything… see you Saturday!

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