Here are some pictures of the happenings at the new brewery now that we have our construction permit in hand and can really rock and roll!

I thought this was a cool picture to give an idea of how far south of downtown San Antonio we are. We are exactly that far!


Next to the building, we are prepping the lot to be used as overflow parking


For ADA compliance, we are building a new ramp and steps to the main entrance. We’ll actually be raising the front door another 2-4 feet in order to be level with the space inside.


The pad you see outlined is where the brewhouse will sit. The outlined square will be a curb, and the floor with then slope down to a trench train under the brewhouse. The fermentation tank farm will be behind this area.


The floor saw in action, cutting up trenches for plumbing.


Close up of cuts made for floor drains. Cutting trenches is almost a right of passage for breweries under construction. Also one of the most annoying/costly/aggravating/absolutely vital part of the process


More to come!

Freetail Brewing

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