Figured it was time for an update here, since emails and tweets are starting to trickle in asking about the Texas Craft Beer Bills. After all, seemingly nothing has happened since they were voted out of Licensing & Administrative Procedures and sent to the House Calendars Committee on April 23.

Well, I’m here to reassure everyone that there is nothing to worry about, for now.

Right now, the House is understandably tied up wrapping up their own business before they move on to considering Senate Bills (of which ours are). 11:59 pm on May 9 is the deadline for bills originating from the House to be sent to the Senate, so Representatives are squarely focused on that at the moment.

Assuming everything goes to plan, we should see our bills (SB515, 516, 517 & 518 along with SB 639) be placed on the House Calendar sometime next week.

Stay tuned!


Freetail Brewing

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