SA Beer Week is over and what a great one it was. Many thanks to all the breweries, wholesalers, retailers and most importantly BEER DRINKERS who helped make it happen!

With that said, the party doesn’t stop, and we’re picking up right where we left off next Saturday, April 16. As many of you are likely aware, Saturday also marks the 20th Anniversary of our good pals up the road in Blanco, Real Ale Brewing Co. We thought it fitting that we release the latest edition of our collaboration series with them in the morning. RealTail’16 is an English IPA brewed with Blacklands Malt Pale Moon 2-Row Barley, malted right here in Texas. Hopped with First Gold and Challenger hops from the UK, and spiced with sweet and bitter orange peel in the hopback, this isn’t a “Citrus IPA” in the vein of what has started proliferating the shelves, per se, but it does have a distinct citrus note to balance out the bitterness. 5.6% ABV, 44 IBU. Packed in glorious 12oz cans. Note: These cans will not be distributed. The 100 cases in existance will never be found anywhere except for our S Presa Brewery. A few kegs will make there way to our brewpub, but no distribution of this beer at all.



Cherry Bexarliner: the latest is on our series of fruited Berlinerweisse-style ales. Peach Bexarliner launched last summer at SMABRD’15 (and yes, will return at some point), and we hope to have these more regularly than we have to date (our plan is to have them 4x/year with different fruits. Not every fruit will be an annual deal, though maybe some will be, and maybe we’ll have some one-off fruits). 6.4% ABV, 1 (maybe more like 0.5) IBU. Packed in your typical Freetail 22oz bomber. Note: we WILL be sending Cherry Bexarliner bombers out for distribution throughout our network. (Don’t know where we distribute? Here you go). Expect to see them on shelves about a week after the release.


Here’s the deal on how this will work.

  • This is happening at the S Presa brewery. Showing up at 1604 and expecting any of this to happen will result in you being looked at funny.
  • We will open our doors and immediately start selling RealTail’16 and Cherry Bexarliner on draft and package to go.
  • You are free to bring bottles to share from 9am-11am. All bottle-share activity must end at 11am.
  • RealTail’16 6packs will be $9+tax. Special case pricing in effect: $28 + tax for a case (a case is four 6-packs, just in case you forgot). We have 96 cases available. We made 100… but a few “fell off the truck”, if you know what I mean.
  • Cherry Bexarliner will be $9+tax per bottle. No case pricing applies. We’ll sell up to 50 cases. If we sell less, that’s more for distribution, but we won’t sell any more than that.
  • You’ll probably be hungry after a fantastic morning of mini-bottle release fun… which bring us to…
  • Our Crawfish Boil, which starts at noon! Brewpub GM Smitty knows how to cook up some crawfish and he’s bringing his expertise down to S Presa. Crawfish (with potatoes and corn) is $7/lb, add $1 for sausage


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