Hey everyone, just a quick coupla’things here:

1) If you missed getting Dia de La Muerta tickets last week, we’ll be opening up a second category of tickets later this week. While the First Class Cabin (guaranteed allotment of each variant) is sold out, we will be releasing some Coach Cabin tickets that will include a guaranteed allotment of SOME, but NOT ALL of the Variants. These tickets will also get you into the door for the bottle share. As part of the Coach Ticket sale, you will automatically be entered into a lottery to have your Coach tickets upgraded to First Class. IMPORTANT: You MUST have a ticket to attend the bottle share. These tickets will go on sale at 7pm this Wednesday, 10/24. I will update this blog post later today with more details.

2) I hope you have the entire weekend set aside, because on Friday 11/4 at our 1604 location we’ll have a Cellar Party. Kegs and Bottles of past La Muerta releases will be available from our cellar. We will post a event page to our Facebook, and have a blog post with more details on this later this week.




Follow-up, as promised: we’ll actually have two more rounds of tickets. One will be this Wednesday at 7p, as previously mentioned. The ticket will get you into the bottle share and get you bottles of Regular La Muerta and Tequila Barrel Aged. Allotment and number of tickets will be figured out tomorrow after we package the Tequila Barrel Aged.

Next week we’ll have a last chance for tickets for a ticket that will only get you bottles of Regular La Muerta.

All tickets get you into the bottle share (NO ONE WITHOUT A TICKET WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE BOTTLE SHARE)

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