We had our House Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee hearing yesterday, and it was unlike any craft beer bill hearing before in that it was quick, easy and without much fanfare.

Chairman Wayne Smith laid out the bills, myself, Brock Wagner, and Leslie Sprague of Open the Taps all offered ourselves to questions, but received none. The committee will leave the bills as pending until they come over as passed from the senate (perhaps this week or next) and then they will move them on.

Of course, this seemingly easy path wasn’t easy to get to nor was it without controversy. After a day’s worth of meetings with our colleagues from around the state, I think Texas Craft Brewers have a good understanding of where we are and how the process works, and as such the rumblings have died down.

Things are looking good from here on out, but let’s not get too cocky yet… there is still a long path ahead.


Freetail Brewing

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