It has come down to this. The last release of beers bottled at the original brewpub location. Every beer bottled after Makaria and Endymion will be done at the new production brewery on S Presa, it’s a bitter sweet moment, made slightly less bitter knowing that just because these are the last beers bottled, it won’t be the last bottle release at the pub. We still have to figure out exactly how we’ll make it work, but we’ll still have releases at the pub in the future. The next one will be La Muerta, which we will brew at S Presa but release at S Presa, 1604, and some retailers ┬áin the San Antonio market. We’ll get those details out in October.

Here’s the tap list for this Saturday:

And here are the details you need to know for how the release will work:

  • Bottle counts: 700 of Makaria, 980 of Endymion
  • The bottle share will start on the patio at 7:30am. We request that no one come on the patio until this time, and there should definitely be NO ALCOHOL CONSUMED ON THE PATIO PRIOR TO THE OFFICIAL START OF THE BOTTLE SHARE. This is done for our safety and yours.
  • Doors to the pub open at 6:45 for EPL. You’re more than welcome to come for EPL. HOWEVER, the bottle share must remain on the patio (starting at 7:30am) and no bottle share beer can be brought into the pub. If you want to watch EPL and have a beer, we’ll have a standard tap list available (starting at 7am). Bring your own breakfast for EPL matches.
  • SMABRD tap list will be available when we open at 11am
  • Upon the start of the bottle-share, numbered and color coded wristbands will be distributed from the outside entrance to the patio. Because of the volume of bottles produced, we do not anticipate a sell-out on the first day, but we cannot predict what the turnout will be. Wristbands will determine the order of purchasing. If you are watching EPL inside, you will need to go to the outside patio entrance to get your wristband.
  • Sales of bottles will begin at 9:30am and there will be two registers open to conduct transactions. Both registers will accept cash or credit cards, but we will state that cash is always appreciated and helps things move more smoothly.
  • Bottles will be $12/each. Depending on the number of people who show up, we reserve the right to limit the number of bottles that can be purchased. If we do institute a limit, the lowest it will be is 4/bottles of each beer per person. Note: prices do not include sales tax, which will be added to your total.
  • At 10:35am we will make a 10 minute announcement and at 10:45am the bottle share will need to come to an end so that we may prepare for open of business at 11am.

If you have any questions, hit me on twitter at @beermonkey or @freetailbrewing

See you Saturday!



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