This is a repost of the details for Super Mega Awesome Bottle Release Day, this Saturday 9.21. We just wanted to make sure it was up top for anyone who missed it the first time.

With Super Mega Awesome Bottle Release Day ’13 right around the corner, it’s about time we released the details.

First off, based on taste tests this morning, we’ve determined Peche’cus will NOT be ready. We will release these bottles at a later date to be determined. Just to eliminate any speculation now, we will NOT release these at Dia de La Muerta on November 2. I repeat, they will NOT be release at the La Muerta bottle release.

With that said, here is what we ARE releasing:

  • Salado Kriek – American Wild Ale with Cherries. $12/bottle. 700 bottles available for sale.
  • Woodicus – Barrel aged Witicus. $11/bottle. 200 bottles available for sale.
  • Bandito – Barrel aged Outlaw McCaw. $11/bottle. 200 bottles available for sale.

All bottles will be waxed. There will be a limit of 4/person on Salado Kriek and 2/person on Woodicus and Bandito.

With the growth of the popularity of our bottles releases have come the need to make some adjustments to make them run smoother. We’ve made some changes that we feel will make things easier on everyone, while still maintaining some of the traditions that are part of a Freetail Bottle release.

Here is how the release will work:

  • Pre-event bottle share must end by 10:50am, and all bottles will be picked up discarded by Freetail staff at that time. If you are wanting to save something make sure you’ve taken care of it prior to 10:50am. We will make an announcement as 10:50am approaches, but consider this as official notice.
  • Starting at 8am numbered, color-coded wristbands will be distributed that will represent your place in line. A person must be physically present to get a wrist-band. No one will be allowed to pick up a wrist-band for someone who is not there to have it placed on their wrist (even if they “just ran out to the car”).
  • The last wristband will be distributed at noon (assuming there is still bottles available to be sold). A wristband does NOT guaranty you will get bottles.
  • Bottle sales will begin at 10:30am by color-code and number. We will then call groups to purchase their bottles by Color-group and number. For example, if the first color we distribute is Red, we will call up “Red 1-25” to buy their bottles first. Then “Red 26-50”, then “Blue 1-25”, etc. (Note: the colors used here are for example purposes only and you will not know color groups until the day of). Important: as groups line-up, they will do so in the number of their wrist-band. We will NOT sell bottles to someone who is coming up out of order, even if you are with someone who is in the right order. (So if your wife has Red 6, but you have Blue 13… she buys in her spot and you buy in yours).
  • Any excess bottles will be sold only after all people with wristbands have had a chance to purchase their allotment.
  • Excess bottles will be sold in the same order as the 1st round of sales (so in the previous example, we’d start over with “Red 1-25”).
  • Limit 2 bottles/person on excess bottles.

I realize some of these rules might seem a little strict, but I feel this is the best way to ensure a fair, orderly process for buying bottles. I know people would love to have more bottles, but my philosophy continues to be that we want to offer our beers, even the most special among them, to the greatest range of people at fair, reasonable prices.

Thank you, and I welcome your comments and of course look forward to seeing you on the 21st!

Freetail Brewing

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