Brewed again in collaboration with our friends at the Bending Branch Winery in Comfort, TX, this year’s edition was further transformed in the wood by our house blend of bugs featuring Pediococcus damnosus and Brettanomyces bruxellensis var. Morpheus from Inland Island Yeast Labs in Denver, CO. As in our in original version, we aged Ananke for 6 months in Bending Branch Charbono barrels in anticipation of late-summer harvest. In August, we picked up 60 gallons of Tannat grape must from Newsom Vineyards and “flashed” at Bending Branch—a process whereby the grapes are flash pasteurized and vacuum cooled, retaining all the color and character of the dark red grapes.  We combined this in a stainless-steel tank with aged Ananke from the Charbono barrels and allowed it to referment for one week before decanting back into the barrels for a final maturing period.

This year’s version is slightly richer with deep, tannin and fruit flavors; the Ananke base is more expressive as well, harkening back to earlier incarnations brewed at the pub on 1604 in the old days.  The warm booze character is staid, with no burn; roundly tart with notes of cherry and vanillin.  Perfect for pairing with both hearty meals or delicate appetizers—get this beer on your table soon!

ABV 8.9%


pH 3.5

Release Info: Saturday March 23rd at S. Presa

There will be 500 bottles available for sale on Saturday, March 23rd. Doors will open at 11am with a 11:30am release. As you enter you will receive a numbered wristband and you will be called up in numerical order to purchase bottles starting promptly at 11:30am. There will not be a pre-set bottle limit. We will determine the bottle limit the morning off. Price will be $14 per 22 oz bottle plus tax.

We will have a bunch of sours on tap for the day as well including: Guided By Abstraction, 2017 Texas Harvest, Vieux Dew, 2017 Ananke, and 10th Anniversary Ale.

Any questions please message us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Cheers!

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