This will be fairly brief since there isn’t a lot to say that hasn’t been said already.


We aren’t expecting any issues with the Governor, as we have been in close contact with his office throughout the process.

Just a few thank yous. First, to Senators Eltife & Van de Putte and Representatives Smith & Villarreal. Also thank you to all those legislators who signed on as authors and sponsors of our legislation and supported us to the end. A special thank you to a few staffers who worked tirelessly on this to make it happen. Amber, Chuck, Gabe and Margo – the state of Texas is forever in your debt!

A huge thank you and congratulations to my colleagues Brock Wagner, Davis Tucker, Rick Engel, Joey Villarreal, Chip McElroy, The entire ABW Crew, Brad Farbstein, Tim Schwartz, Vickie Jones, Charles Vallhonrat, Ron Extract, Jeff Stuffings, Brian Peters… this list can go on forever. A lot of Texas brewers put their hearts and souls into this, thank you all so much.

Last but certainly not at all least, thanks to Texas Beer Consumers and Open The Taps. Your voices have carried the battle cry for years, and we couldn’t have done this without you.


Freetail Brewing

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